The right sound, at the right place for the right person.

This is the essence of Lexter. It’s what we do. In the same way that furnishing and lighting can set an atmosphere and ambience in a room – so can sound. The right sound adds a dimension that strengthens your positive impressions. Used in the right way, sound can be a bearer of communication and information. Sound can surprise you, make you alert, encourage you to shop more, or simply make you feel good. 

Some of our working areas


Mood Stockholm

Shopping Malls

We have extensive experience working with retail centers and malls.
These are complex and fun assignments which require an understanding of existing sounds, floor traffic, comfort of employees, brand focus and the commercial cycle.  

Read more about our cases Gallerian, Mood Stockholm and Easton Helsinki. 


Sound Masking

At banks and other secure environments, it is important that what you say does not reach the wrong ears. Therefore we have created technology that cleverly masks the sound. It allows you to talk to the right person without risking that the wrong ear can overhear. Click here to read more about our sound masking solution for Swedbank.


The Impossible Run

The Impossible Run

A unique project where a blind man runs by himself on a running course for the first time, only guided by sound. The project was realized in collaboration with McCann Stockholm and Bacon Production. Click here to read more about the project.

Gate 46


Sound design in an office environment must create atmosphere without interfering with workflow. The right sound at the right place helps to create a consistent, comfortable environment and makes working days more pleasant.

Where the light guides you

Where the light guides you

A magical exhibition with glass artworks in a dark universe that came to life by adding light, music and scent. The artworks are made by Alexander Lervik, Eva Dahlgren composed the music and Lexter made sound and scent design for the exhibition.

Sandhamn Seglarhotell,
Stockholm archipelago

Hotels and Restaurants

There are few places where the atmosphere is as important as in hotel and restaurant environments. The right sound created for the unique place can enhance the overall impression. It may even be the difference between one level of stars and the next.

“Bryt klädmaktsordningen” - display window at Åhléns City Stockholm

Display Window

A cool display window catches the eye and sound adds another dimension that can create an even stronger impression. With sound design that strengthens the visual appearance, we arouse the curiosity of the viewer and enhance impact.

Historical storytelling - at Stockholm Central Station for Jernhusen

Events & Campaigns

The amazing event and magnificent campaign gets even better by adding the right sound. 


Lexter scent design

Lexter scent design is a business area where we are getting more and more exciting assignments. Adding a scent can strengthen positive feelings and add another dimension to an overall impression. At Lexter we have the knowledge and experience to add scent to a great variation of enivornments, such as hotels, shopping malls or restaurants. But most importantly we have the knowledge of how to use scent in the right way. 

blå linje.png

About Lexter


At Lexter, we have a substantial experience of creating successful sound concepts for public environments. We know how to create the right sound at the right place – for the right person.

Our clients are for example shops, malls, banks, offices, restaurants, hotels, museums and national parks. By taking care of the entire process, from idea to sound content and technical installation, we customize each solution based upon the preconditions. We always consider and base our solutions on the existing sound environment to increase harmony and result.

The purpose of our sound design is always function and
user-friendliness in which we always put the person in focus.

By working with ”sound showers” and other thoroughly tested technical solutions we ensure that our sound design is never annoying but instead works as a refined instrument. A dynamic instrument that can be the bearer of your message, improve the experience and build up your trademark in another dimension.

If required, we take care and administer everything that has to do with the sound system and technical solution.


Can we be of assistance when it comes to your sound design?

Lexter provides sound design in public environments. We create sound concepts and audio branding, sound productions, we choose and install the technology and administer the system.

Today, we design sound architecture for several different public environments; shopping malls, offices, public service areas, campaigns, displays and events.