The sound proof bank. At the bank, everything needs to be secure. From money management to sharing private information.


Swedbank is one of Sweden´s largest banks and it is of great importance to them that their customers openly can discuss private financial matters with the staff, without the risk of being overheard by others.

To create a sound design solution that would reduce the risk of overhearing in the waiting areas at the bank and at the same time create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for the customers who wait for their turn. Preferably, the sound design would not involve major renovations.

Lexter has created a unique soundscaping and sound masking solution in the most vulnerable waiting areas at the bank. Directional speakers, so called sound showers, and specially produced audio content reduces the intelligibility of speech, increases privacy and adds a pleasant atmosphere. The speakers do not interfere with the visual expression. The solution is now implemented in more than 50 Swedbank offices around Sweden.

Project film: Swedbank Sound masking and Soundscaping